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Outdoor and primitive living as well as survival skills start with water, shelter and fire. Food is also a high priority. Comradery, community and the creation of family of choice center around the preparation and cooking of meals.

It may be adequate to open some MREs or store bought dehydrated packages. But real flavor, nutrition and enjoyment come with cooking from scratch. Once learned, these simple techniques are quite easy.  Cooking becomes a rewarding community experience.

Once a camper has excelled woodcraft food and food preparation is the obvious next step. Over the years Gerald has collected and created meals and recipes for outdoor cook craft. Meals suitable for backpacking, wilderness adventures as well as in the home.

Gerald is a Silver Palm Eagle. Worked with BSA as a SM, ASM and Unit Commissioner. He is the author of the premiere preparedness manual Empowerment Readiness. His experience in the wilderness and backwoods is extensive.  These recipes are a collection of years of backwoods camping.

These recipes are presented in PDF formats.
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Dutch oven, wok or skillet, and boiling pot are generally all that are necessary.