Simple steps to keep your family safe
before, during and after
a disaster.

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What is your book about? A question I am often asked.

The answer seems a bit difficult because the book is not simply about one thing.

My book is in fact three books bound together. It is primarily a self-help manual. Written for people that believe improving life, protecting self and family (loved ones) is important.

It is my belief that a healthy mind will always be beneficial to the individual.
Knowledge is strength.
Strength is power.

In my opinion the most dangerous afflictions are ignorance, apathy and optimism bias.
Not knowing.
Not caring that we don't know.
The belief that bad things will not happen to me or mine.

The first section is about mental attributes and skills. A favorite quote of mine from the movie Cool Hand Luke, is "You have got to get your mind right”. Getting the mind right is not just about attitude it is also about knowledge.

Remember: You do not know what you do not know.

Some skills and information that can be found in the first section include:

Effective communication with others.

The benefits of useful self-talk.

Conflict resolution.

Very useful information on dealing with stress and fear.

Decision making under duress and in stressful situations.

Leadership traits and leadership building.

Just to name a few.

The second section is full of physical information and skills. Many people either think they know these skills or believe there is no need.

Most skills shown are simple and will prove useful in everyday life. Once they are learned, you may wonder how you ever got along without them. Many people find these chapters improve their life by improving their personal skill set.

For an example:

How to sharpen a knife.

A comprehensive section on first aid, including holistic tips.

The proper and safe methods to; prepare, build, use and douse a campfire (including cooking tips).

Easy how-to guide for the use and tying of some basic knots.

How to build shelters.

Many other tips, skills, tricks and projects that will astound you.

The third section is chocked full of checklist and simple easy projects.

Checklist for home, car, and self.

Simple how-to projects, with step-by step instructions.

Suggestion on how to keep and store supplies.

Methods of transportation of supplies if necessary.

All of this is wrapped up in a single manual entitled Empowerment Readiness. It is a collection of information and skills that will aid you in life's little everyday struggles. Skills that will inevitably prove extremely useful should you find yourself immersed in a disaster. Even small disasters become large when not physically and mentally prepared.

This book is loaded with photos, diagrams and drawings.

“The more you know, the less you need.”

On the Back Jacket:

Are you as tired of all the mega-disaster and end of the world movies as am I? Do you believe the “Preppers” on reality TV are just a little bit... well, over the top?

The simple truth is that disasters come in all forms. Quite often the difference between a large or small disaster is perception.

A large disaster can be when the roads ice over and you are stranded for hours or days on the highway. A small one is when you must get out of your car in bad weather on the side off the road and install your snow chains. Thus turning a 30 minute commute into a 2 hour trek. The weather event was the same the reaction difference is what this book is all about.

Optimism bias: The false belief that it can’t happen to me. Procrastination, apathy, complacency, and defeatism will kill as easily as a tornado. You may be reading this because you know something could happen to you. Perhaps deep down you do not expect timely or honest help from the government. You know in your heart that your life and the lives of your family is your responsibility.

A little preparedness and forethought can be the difference between a life-threatening situation and a simple nuisance.

Going whole hog with preparedness is not required. Empowerment takes just a little effort. A few simple easy steps have the potential to save you and your family’s life.

I am not promoting an underground bunker with 500,000 rounds of ammunition and enough food for 3 years. The truth is smaller disturbances are more common and are a reality. Preparation (however small) will afford you considerable peace of mind. If you do wish to “dig in”, have the wherewithal and need the do so. But do it with forethought and planning.

This manual is designed to aid those who are ready to do something, but are not quite sure what to do or where to start.

This book is a self-help manual to provide information for those who choose to be responsible for their own safety. If you are intelligent enough to learn. If you are responsible enough to help yourself, this book is for you. However if you expect the government to come to your rescue, I cannot help you.